Machining a Strut and Rudder Assembly

Hobby Machinist Article...

An interesting article on how to machine a strut and rudder assembly for your boat...

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Piston Mandrel

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Learn how to make a simple mandrel...the perfect DIY tool for machining and releiving the ring area of pistons on a lathe.

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Drill Bit for Dremel

Hobby Machinist Article ...

Modify a 1/4" drill bit to fit in your Dremel rotary tool.

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Drive Collet Removal Tool

Hobby Machinist Article ...by Mark Dewar


removal 1_s.jpg


See how to make a simple yet effective collet removal tool and save your collet inserts!

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Machining a Rudder Blade

Hobby Machinist Article...


In this article, Andre Abtmeyer shows how to machine your own rudder blade.



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Hobby Machinist

Hobby Machinist Article ...



The official launch of the Hobby Machinist segment on MGB!!!

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Strut Bracket

Hobby Machinist Article ...



This short article will show how involved it can be to make a simple piece on a milling machine.

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Custom Drive

Hobby Machinist Article ...



Learn how to machine your own custom outdrive using hobby grade machines...

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Modifying a Carb

Hobby Machinist Article ...



Learn how to make a big bore carb...

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Carburetor Mandrel

Hobby Machinist Article ...

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Learn how to make a mandrel used to hold a carburetor in the lathe chuck for machining...

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Tuned Pipe Mount

Hobby Machinist Article ...



How to make a custom tuned pipe mount...

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Making a T-Bar

Hobby Machinist Article ...by Dale Pynenberg



Learn how to make your own with hobby grade machining equipment...

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Squish Tool

Hobby Machinist Article ...



Learn to make a dial indicator holder that fits in the spark plug hole of your engine to accurately check squish band...

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Machining an Adjustable Strut Bracket

Hobby Machinist Article...By Marc Weijenberg

top view_s.jpg


Another informative article on hobby machining...this time learn how to make an adjustable strut...

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Lightening a Piston

Hobby Machinist Article...Submitted by Julius de Roo



Making piston weight reduction easy with the help of a mill and a rotary table (and some other suggestions).

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