Tuning Tools

Misc Article... by Carlo Catalanotto


Some good tips on tools that can be very useful for tuning your boats...

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Why Do We Race RC Boats

Misc Article...by Carlo Catalanotto

A manufacturer/racer's perspective on RC boat racing...

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So Your Kid Wants an RC Boat!

A Parent's View on Model Boating

Misc Article ...

A Father/Son team at a race...London Canada




A little bit on how I got involved in RC and my views on it now from a parent's point of view...

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Air Travel with Boats

Misc Article...

Boats/New Folder/Orlando-003_s.jpg">Orlando-003_s.jpg


Some tips on taking along some of your boats when traveling by air...



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Lost and Found

Misc. Article ...by Rudy Hilado



The Self Righting Boat is lost...a good samaritan returns it to it's owner!

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Self Righting Boat

Misc. Article ...by Rudy Hilado



An amazing boat that sets itself right side up after a flip!

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Keepin' it Dry

Misc. Article ...by Brad Mahs



What to do when you find yourself upside-down!

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Overseas Boating

Misc. Article ...by Jereon Pasman

Find out what powerboaters overseas are doing...

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Boating Safety

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Misc. Article ...by Brad Mahs

Boating Safety/safety.jpg">safety.jpg


Some important safety tips...a must read for anyone joining the sport of R/C Boating...

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What's So Exciting about R/C Boating?

Misc. Article ...by Len Williams

What's so exciting you ask?  We'll tell you in this article!

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Misc. Article ...by Rudy Hilado



Read about the advantages of using a failsafe device in you R/C Boat...

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Powerboating in the Nordic

Misc Article ...by Björn Von Hofsten

boating in Nordic/Bild-5_s.jpg">Bild-5_s.jpg


Get a glimpse of model boating in Scandinavia...

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JeroenTune Pipe

Misc Article ...by Jeroen Pasman




Jeroen Pasman, designer of the Jeroentune Silent Pipe tells us a little bit about how and why this project came to be...

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