Composites in model boat construction

Tech Article... by Terry Keeley

A short informative article on working with composites ...

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Power Spark

Tech Article... by Thomas Marx (Matho)

We Build an Ignition System...

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Zenoah - Stock to Outlaw

Tech Lohring Miller


Read all about what makes a stock Zenoah into an Outlaw modified Zenoah!

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Tuned Pipes - Part 2

Tech Article... by Lohring Miller


The second part of the technical article on tuned pipes...

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Tuned Pipes

Tech Article... by Lohring Miller


Beyond the basics...

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Tech Article... by Lohring Miller

Do the various additives and mixtures really matter for our small engines? Find out in this article!

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Voltage Regulator Mod

Tech Marc Weijenberg


A simple modification to make your receiver battery voltage regulator better...

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RCMK Engine Modification

Tech Scott Schneider


A step-by-step tutorial on how to modify an RCMK S/SX 254 Engine ... *All R254 Cylinders

( This DOES NOT apply to the newest "EVO" cylinders )

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Big Bore Carburetor Mod

Tech Scott Schneider


Learn how to do a modification on a "Bored Out" big bore carburetor for consistent performance and reliability...

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Port Timing and Squish

Tech Article...

In this article we show you how to measure port timing and squish on a Zenoah style engine...

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Starting Your Engines

Tech Carlo Catalanotto


A few tips and tricks on how to start your engines...the easy way!

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Bearing and Seal Installation

Tech Article... by Carlo Catalanotto


Learn how to install new bearings and seals in your Zenoah engine...

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Setting Up Your Radio

Tech Article... by Carlo Catalanotto of CC Racing Engines


Learn how to set your radio correctly and using it to help you win races!

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Machining Piston to Avoid Seizures

Tech Carlo Catalanotto


Does the top diameter of my piston need to be machined in my engine?

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Hydro Setup Tips

Tech Article...

Some tips on setting up a hydroplane hull. *updated

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Fix a Loose Carburetor Butterfly

Tech Article Carlo Catalanotto of CC Racing Engines


Been having problems with a sticking carburetor because of the butterfly coming loose? Read this tech article by renowned engine builder Carlo Catalanotto and be rid of those butterfly blues!

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Tuning a Tuned Pipe

Tech Article...


In this short article we will explore the methods of properly "tuning" a Tuned Pipe system to your engine.

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CMB 35 Record Engine

Tech Article Lohring Miller




Developing a CMB 35 Record Engine...see what is involved from testing stages to a 100 mph+ gas engine!

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Radio Box Power Supply

Tech Article... by Curt Conrad

Translation by Andre Abtmeyer


Learn how to make a foolproof switch that doubles as charging terminals for your radio box!

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Balancing a Crankshaft

Tech Article... by Xavier Cardinale


An interesting article on how to check and realign crankshafts.


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Modifying a 230RC

Tech Article Rudy Hilado



Learn how to modify a Zenoah G230RC engine...

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4-Stroke Power

Tech Article Len Williams



Four-Stroke power for model boats??? Read this to learm more about this interesting concept!

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Prop Mold

Tech Article Mike Tyson



Interesting information on how to duplicate propellers using this tool...

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Crackerbox Setup

Tech Article Nelson King



Some really good crackerbox setup information...

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4-stroke Part 2

Tech Article Len Williams



Part 2 of the 4-stroke series...

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Zenoah Teardown

Tech Article ...



A step-by-step guide to disassembling and re-assembling your Zenoah engine...

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Proper Balance

Tech Article Dom Mauro



Learn how to properly balance your boat (Center of Gravity)...

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Engine Maintenance

Tech Article Carlo Catalanotto of CC Racing Engines

Engine maintenance advice and suggestions by renowned engine builder Carlo Catalanotto of CC Racing Engines!

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Engine Porting

Tech Article Scott Schneider



A very informative step-by-step article on how to modify a Zenoah engine...

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Counter-Rotating Engine

Tech Article Torstend Picard



In this informative article, Torstend shows us how he converted a Quickdraw engine to counter-rotation!

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