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Another new muffler from T-Mod Racing...this one is Carbon Fiber!!!







Here is a new addition to the T-Mod mufflers line-up from Mike Tyson of Richmond, VA. This new muffler is basically like the previous versions of the T-Mod units but its tubular section is actually made of carbon fiber. When I first saw them I thought they looked so cool that I had to order a few from Mike. As usual the transaction was painless and the products arrived promptly.


There isn't much I can tell you here about the T-Mod mufflers that I haven't said in my previous articles ( Original T-Mod muffler and T-Mod Cheater muffler ). The T-Mod mufflers are great little units that should allow most boats to meet the sanctioning bodies' noise requirements. They also make it easier on your neighbors when running at the lake! The fact that they are a straight-thru design means that they have little to no negative effects on power output of your motors, and in some cases they seem to actually increase overall performance.




This CF version of the T-Mod muffler is a little bit smaller than the original version yet a bit bigger than the "Cheater" version. The body is about 2" x 1.35" diameter. Without taking any real noise level readings, it seems to me to be the quietest of the three versions, definitely quieter than the "Cheater".




There is no drain hole in the muffler as in the aluminum versions, but if you wish, it can be disassembled, as can the others, for cleaning. The carbon body is very rigid and has a smooth glossy finish. In my opinion this is a good muffler that serves its purpose well. Although maybe not the quietest muffler out there, it will muffle that pipe significantly and it is definitely the stinger muffler with the most "WOW" effect!


Mike offers many different I.D. sizes of the mufflers to fit the various tuned pipes on the market today and will usually go as far as custom making a muffler for your application if required. T-Mod mufflers are a great product backed by a great person!


Contact Information

Mike Tyson
T-Mod Racing
Sentury Meadow Drive
Richmond, VA 23233 USA
Phone 804-360-5432
e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Payment options: Check, Money Order, Paypal.
Price: $45.00 USD plus shipping



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