Paint and Finishing

Paint and Finishing



Applying Epoxy to a Wooden Hull


Playing cards are an effective way to apply an epoxy finish coat to a wooden hull.

An epoxy finish is difficult, but the results are as good as varnish and much tougher. I finished my crackerbox with a layer of fine fibreglass cloth and finishing epoxy, applied with a deck of dollar-store playing cards.

Finishing epoxy is not nearly as self-leveling as most paints, so applying it with a brush almost always leaves you with a lot of post-finish sanding. Instead, try using a playing card like a putty knife to trowel epoxy onto the surface, then spread it evenly. The surface will be left very smooth, and sanding will be minimal. When one playing card gets at all goopy, rough or tied up in fibreglass bits, get another. Chances are you have 51 more, without the jokers. Never use the jokers -- you've got enough to worry about.

David Hutt




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