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You might remember our article on Ultra Thin Gaskets in Issue 8. Well now the same product is available in copper format.The new Copper Ultra Thin Gaskets offer the same features as the original UTG, with the added benefit of being tougher and reusable. For those of you who might not be aware of the benefits of using the UTG, it is quite simple. Rather than having to remove material from the base of your Zenoah motor cylinder, simply replace the stock gasket which is approximately 0.020” thick, by a UTG and automatically get increased compression! The UTG is 0.005” thick, reducing squish clearance by 0.015” which gives a final squish clearance of about 0.020” to 0.025” on most Zenoah G260 PUM cylinders. This is a good squish clearance for your typical modified motor. The use of the UTG makes motor modifying accessible to just about any modeler, eliminating the need for a lathe to remove material from the base of the cylinder. One must keep in mind however, that by using the UTG, the intake timing will be slightly increased, and the exhaust timing will decrease slighty so these will need to be restored or modified as needed. Adjusting the port timing can be done using a mill, or can also be done with a rotary tool and a steady hand, but that is another subject all together and beyond the scope of this article!



Ultra Thin Gaskets (soft dead copper) can be purchased from CC Racing Engines. Price is $8.00 USD each or you can save if you purchase a 3-pack for $20.00.



CC Racing Engines
501 Bellview St. River Ridge, LA 70123
Phone- (504) 305-5005
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