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Voodoo Race Props...Specializing in 17-4ph Stainless Steel props...






ImageVoodoo Props is a Michigan based company owned and operated by Gregg Kiehle. They specialize in high quality stainless steel model boat propellers for the serious enthusiast. They also manufacture silicone brass props, but the emphasis is on the stainless steel line of props. The alloy used for making these props is 17-4 ph, which is the same grade used in the manufacturing of turbine blades for F-16 fighter jets. This alloy makes these props lightweight with very little blade yield.


The props I tested on my boats were purchased through Mark Vidosh who is a dealer for Voodoo Props. The main difference to be noted here however is that Mark's props are the stainless Voodoos, but have also been cryogenically treated, thus making them virtually indestructible. The props I received were polished, sharpened and balanced. True "bolt on" props. Mirror finish on the working side, satin on the convex side and razor sharp!




There are many popular size props available from Voodoo props and the list keeps growing. The goal for Voodoo is to keep a good inventory of props ready to ship at all times. Prices range from $23 to $105 ea, depending on the finish and whether they are "cryo'ed" or not. If you've ever damaged a prop because you hit shore, another boat, or simply dropped your boat (accidents do happen!) and had to throw it in the dumpster because it got all bent out of shape, well maybe its time you tried some Voodoo Props! They might not be 100% bulletproof, but they sure are close!


Happy Boating!



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Voodoo Props
Gregg Kiehle
Website: www.voodooprops.com
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Here is some imortant information on cryogenically treating metal, supllied by Mark Vidosh:

1) Cryogenically processing metal does not make it harder. Heat treat metal can harden some metals.

2) Our Cryo process freeze the parts involved to -300 degrees and then allows these part to warm at room temperature.

3) Freezing cast metal of any type, realigns the molecules within the metals and releives the stress imposed in the casting process.

4) This process benefits moving parts withing the engine by extending the wear of the part, and in some cases allowing the fatique points to be greater

5) In no way does this process improve performance, it will however extend performance making it less expensive over the long run for you to compete at a higher level with your equipment.

For example: For example 17-4 PH (percipitaion hardened) Stainless Steel being used to cast the VooDoo props, is already a very hard material. By Cryo processing these props, we believe gives them that little edge should they ever take a hit, or show signs of wear. Cryo processing these props does not make them harder.




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